Dr. Hassan Halawany

Dr. Hassan Halawany is a very highly decorated dentist, professor, chairman and consultant. His calendar is well filled with multiple speaking engagements and workshops in addition to his practice. With… Read more

Dr. Nader El-Naggar

Dr. Nader Mohamed Ibrahim El-Naggar like most of speakers also has a trail of over one and half decade in pursuing and practicing dental career. In addition to running a… Read more

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Dr. Alia Al Rahbi

Dr. Alia Al Rahbi's pursuance of Dental Profession spans unrelenting 2 decades of action and education. Her 7 page CV is loaded with information that is hard to dissect and… Read more

Dr. Mohammed Zameer

Dr. Mohammed Zameer has spent a little over a decade dedicating his full attention to the study and practice of dentistry, specializing in Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry. While his tenure… Read more

Mr. Yahya Abdullah Al Nabhani

Mr. Al Nabhani is again another creme of the crop with career pursuance and practice crossing 2 decades. His enthusiasm and commitment to the field of dentistry has evoked deep… Read more

Dr. Salwa Rasheed Ata Mohammed

Dr. Salwa Rasheed has been practicing in the field since 2005 and her summary of qualifications include; General Dental Examination OF Patients, Restoration of Teeth in adults and children, Endodontic… Read more

Dr. Sangeetha Venkatesh

Dr. Sangeetha Venkatesh is a highly skilled Pediatric Dental Specialist with over a decade of practical experience in this field practice. She also has comprehensive knowledge of oral health care… Read more

Dr. Ambu Suresh

Dr. Ambu Suresh (BDS,MDS) comes with 14 years of experience in the field including 6 years of experience after attaining his 'masters' degree. He has participated in many lecturers and… Read more

Dr. Suhaila Al-Bahlani

Dr. Suhaila Sulaiman Al-Bahlani is a world class speaker with a trailing list of Local & International Participation as Speaker and Trainer. She is also an avid practitioner in her… Read more

Dr. Khalifa Al Azri

DR KHALIFA MOHAMED AL-AZRI (Specialist Paediatric Dentist), comes with over a decade and half of extensive training and work at Military of Oman in different departments/sectors. His career is not… Read more