What’s new this year?

This year we have put more effort than the past years to make sure that you, our participant are very well informed and accommodated. We have sat down and re-sketched everything because we want the best we can have now. In addition to the planned jam packed programme, we have taken consorted effort to bring you most up to date website that has all information and tools that will help you through out the seminars.

The agendas/programs will be at your finger tips, literarily. Our website is fully mobile compatible. You do not need to install any extra applications, just simply have your phone with you (you will require to use data to access website of course)

Registration will also be live on line. You will either have to bring your phone or print your registration information and present at the check-in-table.

For those who prefer to have hard printed copy of any material, you may download and print any available forms for the events. After the events these forms will not be available.

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  1. Individual effort when well directed can accomplish much, but the greatest good must necessarily come from the combined efforts of many. And this was the vision I noticed from the group that started this beautiful club. The power of combined effort that they showed knows no limitation.
    Well done paediatric dental club.

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