Dr. Khalifa Al Azri

DR KHALIFA MOHAMED AL-AZRI (Specialist Paediatric Dentist), comes with over a decade and half of extensive training and work at Military of Oman in different departments/sectors. His career actual practice is 5 years and is not just filled with work, but also with accompanying studies and achievements. His underlying objective in his profession is to be a “Well established Paediatric Dentist and researcher in the field”.

His qualifications include;

B.Dent.Sc; B.A.; MFD-RCSI; D.Dent (Paediatric Dentistry); MpaedDent RCS-Ed

His publications include;

  • Optical coherence tomography use in the diagnosis of enamel defects Journal of Biomedical Optics 21(3), 036004 (March 2016), Khalifa Al-Azri et.al
  • The comparison of the Optical coherence tomography technique with other advanced techniques in investigating the ultra-structure of enamel defects – still in the process of publishing