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[Click on Read more for abstract, registration & fees][/om_agenda_item][/om_agenda_day][/om_agenda][om_agenda layout=”grid” display_room=””][om_agenda_day title=”Pre-Conference : Workshop 2″ date=”20 Oct 2017″][om_agenda_item time=”08:00 AM – 12:00 PM” room=”Room: Sindbad Ballroom” title=”TRAUMA WORKSHOP” speaker_ids=”609″ link=”|title:Register%204%20Trauma%20WS||rel:nofollow”]A reflection on current protocols in management of Dental Trauma in growing child patient; Tradition versus a bright new future
[Click on Read more for abstract, registration & fees][/om_agenda_item][/om_agenda_day][om_agenda_day color=”om-accent-color-2″ title=”Pre-Conference: Workshop 3″ date=”20 Oct 2017″][om_agenda_item time=”01:00 PM – 04:45 PM” room=”ROOM: TBA” title=”The Use of Stainless Steel Crowns in Paediatric Dentistry” speaker_ids=”615, 876″ link=”|title:Register%204%20SS%20Workshop||rel:nofollow”]The use of Stainless Steel Crowns in Paediatric Dentistry
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Early childhood caries (ECC) and Otitis media (OM) are common early childhood diseases. Certain risk factors are associated with the development of these two diseases in children. Identifying these risk factors would help prevent or decrease the probability of children succumbing to these diseases. Hence, a study was carried out to appraise the risk factors causing ECC and OM. In conclusion, we found that faulty sucking and feeding habits were the common predisposing factors causing ECC and OM[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item time=”09:30 AM – 09:50 AM” room=”Room: TBA” title=”Molar Incisor Hypomineralisation; A Cross Sectional Study of Omani Children.” speaker_ids=”614″]Molar Incisor
Hypomineralisation; A Cross
Sectional Study of Omani
Children.[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item speaker_links=”” time=”09:50 AM – 10:05 AM” room=”Room: TBA” title=”Welcoming Speech”][/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item time=”10:05 AM – 11:00 AM” room=”Room: TBA” title=”A Modern Prospective on the Management of Caries and Hypomineralisation in Children” speaker_ids=”609″]Paediatric Dentistry has come a long way since the days where dentistry for children was provided by some general practitioners who liked treating children in their practices…

This talk will cover cover the modern thinking on the management of caries and pulp and the future directions in clinical management and research in these areas.[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item speaker_links=”” time=”11:00 AM – 11:30 AM” room=”ROOM: TBA” title=”Discussion of 1st session then appreciation to speaker and supporting companies. Opening of poster session and exhibition”]
Break[/om_agenda_item][/om_agenda_day][om_agenda_day color=”om-accent-color-2″ title=”Session 2″ date=”21 Oct 2017″][om_agenda_item time=”11:35 AM – 12:00 PM” room=”ROOM: TBA” title=”2nd Session” speaker_ids=”615″]Management of Amelogenesis Imperfecta in Paediatric Patients[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item time=”12:00 PM – 12:15 PM” room=”ROOM: TBA” title=”2nd Session” speaker_ids=”843″]Amelogenesis Imperficta; Case Presentation.[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item time=”12:15 PM – 12:45 AM” room=”ROOM: TBA” title=”Management of Children Dental Anxiety” speaker_ids=”613″]The increasing use of dental sedation and general anaesthesia (GA) for anxious children is increasing dramatically. In order to better manage this anxiety we first need to have a fuller understanding of it– to do this we need to be able to quantitatively assess dental anxiety and investigate the reasons for it. This lecture will provide an overview of the nature of dental fear and anxiety and techniques for assessing and managing patients who are anxious about visiting the dentist.[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item speaker_links=”” time=”12:45 PM – 01:00 PM” room=”ROOM: TBA” title=”2nd Session”]Discussion of morning session and certificates to speakers[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item speaker_links=”” time=”01:00 PM – 02:00 PM” room=”ROOM: TBA” title=”Lunch & Prayers”]Lunch & Prayers[/om_agenda_item][/om_agenda_day][om_agenda_day color=”om-accent-color-3″ title=”Session 3″ date=”21 Oct 2017″][om_agenda_item time=”02:00 PM – 02:50 PM” room=”ROOM: TBA” title=”3rd Session” speaker_ids=”609″]Trauma, Tears and Transplants and Orthodontics.  The Journey of a child through Complex Trauma with the Leeds Interdisciplinary approach.[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item time=”02:50 PM – 03:20 PM” room=”ROOM: TBA” title=”3rd Session” speaker_ids=”616″]Premolar Autotransplantation!
Can it bring the smile back?
[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item time=”03:20 PM – 03:40 PM” room=”ROOM: TBA” title=”3rd Session” speaker_ids=”617″]Endodontic Challenges[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item time=”03:40 PM – 03:50 PM” room=”ROOM: TBA” title=”3rd Session” speaker_ids=”924″]Poster presentations
Rotary vs Manual Root Canal Instrumentation In Pediatric Dentistry[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item time=”03:50 PM – 04:00 PM” room=”ROOM: TBA” title=”Poster Presentation” speaker_ids=”947″]Prediction Of Favourable Twin Block Appliance Outcomes Using 3D Laser Scanning[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item time=”04:00 PM – 04:10 PM” room=”ROOM: TBA” title=”Poster Presentation” speaker_ids=”960″]The Effect of Bioyogurt With a Specific Probiotic Bifidobacteria on the Level of Salivary Mutans Streptococci in a Group of Preschool Children.[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item speaker_links=”” time=”04:10 PM – 04:30 PM” room=”ROOM: TBA” title=”Closing Remarks & Certificates”]Discussion, Closing Remarks & Certificates[/om_agenda_item][om_agenda_item time=”04:30 PM – 7:30 PM” room=”ROOM: TBA” title=”POST CONFERENCE WORKSHOP” speaker_ids=”613″ link=”|||rel:nofollow”]Management of fear and anxiety in paediatric patients.
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A Modern Prospective on the Management of Caries and Hypomineralisation in Children

This talk will cover cover the modern thinking on the management of caries and pulp and the future directions in clinical management and research in these areas.

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